You can choose your own adventure here.  


Eat what you catch or bring it home with you

Catch Halibut and Salmon

Fly fishing

Freshwater and saltwater guided charters with Nick on the True North

Groups of 4-6 are best. 6 is the max allowed on the fishing vessel at any given  time. Fishing charters will generally occur from 9am-5pm each day.



Shoot some deer and ducks

Guided tours are best with groups of 4-6 and can be planned for any time of day. You’re also encouraged to hunt in the evening while dinner is being prepared by the lodge crew.



Hiking trails are sparse, but deer and bear game trails can be followed.

Beachcombing is always a good time.



Bear Viewing



You can purchase a state of Alaska fishing or hunting license at the lodge. King salmon and duck stamps are extra.