How to get here

From Anchorage you’ll take a commercial flight to Kodiak. From Kodiak, you can take a short ride to Larsen Bay in a small plane (4-10 people). If you have more time, you can also take a ferry from Kodiak to Larsen Bay. It’s an amazing ride, but takes 10 hours so we recommend you do this if you have more time to spend in Alaska.

Nick, your host, will meet you when you arrive and will bring you to the lodge where you can settle into home for the remainder of your stay.


The lodge is a heated wood cabin built entirely of driftwood gathered from shores in the surrounding areas. It’s situated between the mountains and Uyak Bay.

Accommodations include: 

  • Heat

  • Queen and full beds

  • Outhouse

  • Outdoor hot shower facility

  • Quonset hut

  • Large deck with dramatic views of the ocean, mountains and Uyak Bay (coming Spring 2017)

  • Indoor plumbing (coming 2018 season)



  • Guest lodge cell phone (GCI is the only mobile service tower in the area)

  • Wifi (anticipated arrival in 2018)



  • The lodge crew will prepare three meals a day, including what you catch or kill.

  • Snack and drinks (water, juice and soda) are also provided.

  • Special diet requests should be sent to Nick at least a month before arrival.

  • Bringing a special item such as meat, cheese or fresh produce would be a great treat and very much appreciated by the lodge crew.