Driftwood Wilderness Lodge
Guests Have Options!

DWL guests can stay at a lodge with modern conveniences or a camp near Larsen Bay, but totally off grid.

  • Last year, DWL was expanded to include a lodge in the village of Larsen Bay, which is equipped with all the modern conveniences: electricity, running water and WiFi!
  • The Larsen Bay location has four guest bedrooms, a large kitchen, two bathrooms and a formal dining room.
  • The original location, Driftwood Wilderness Camp is off grid, built on the premise that all of us can benefit from the healing power of the outdoors.
  • We will not lie, DWL Camp is rustic, but thats what makes it so special. The air and water are pure, and scenery will make you come back. We let DWL guests choose in advance which location suits them best.
  • If this sounds good to you, you’ve found the right place to make life long memories filled with adventure, and enjoy hunting/fishing at a reasonable price!


The lodge is located in the Village of Larsen Bay, Alaska. It is steps from the ocean and a stream called Humpy Creek where salmon spawn and the locals fish. This new DWL location has all the conveniences of home, including a washer and dryer.


The DWL camp includes a 1,500-foot heated wood ‘cabin’ situated on Uyak Bay.

The camp was hand built by Nick and DWL volunteers – all wood was salvaged from the sea and milled onsite. And the construction of Driftwood Wilderness Lodge was featured on the DIY Network’s program Building Alaska. Owner Nick Blanco is featured in eight episodes with cameo appearances by the several DWL volunteers, “girlfriend”/pup Sarah and chief cook/mom Lynn Nelson, dad Paul Blanco and step-dad Mike Keeler.

Camp Accommodations Include:

  • Spacious (1,500 sq. ft.) secluded cabin
  • New memory foam mattresses & bunk beds
  • Outdoor hot shower facility (with view in picture above)
  • Access to Main kitchen, dining and coffee areas
  • Large deck with dramatic views of the ocean, mountains, Uyak Bay, and an eagles’ nest right next door


  • Guest lodge cell phone
  • (GCI is the only mobile service tower in the area and cell phones of most guests won’t work)
  • Electricity for charging all your devices and gadgets at both locations
  • Wifi in LODGE ONLY


  • Under the full-service plan, the crew will prepare three meals a day, including what you catch or kill.
  • Guests can also arrange for DWL to stock the guest cabin, so you can do your own cooking.
  • Special diet requests should be sent to Nick at least a month before arrival.
  • There are no liquor sales in Larsen Bay, so guests should bring their own beverages, or talk to Nick to order them in advance.
  • Please bring any additional snacks you would prefer for lunch or notify us in advance.