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By harvesting enormous logs that washed up on local beaches near Larsen Bay, Alaska, and using a portable saw mill to generate lumber for the lodge. Nick has fished all over Alaska for the past 10 years and in the Kodiak area for the past five years. He captains a comfortable boat named The True North , and his number-one goal when he wakes up in the morning is to ensure his guests have a comfortable and memorable experience in the bountiful Alaskan wilderness.


Once you arrive on Kodiak via Alaska Airlines or RAVN Air, Island Air Service ( can be found across the parking lot from the main terminal. They provide scheduled flights to Larsen Bay 3 times a day during the summer, but only once a day during the winter months. Sometimes a group of 4-6 can save money chartering a plane, as opposed to paying seat fare. This also gives you more flexibility on when to depart.

  •, 1-800-252-7522, (Anchorage to Kodiak)
  •, 800-866-8394, (Anchorage to Kodiak)
  •, 907-487-4596, (Kodiak to Larsen Bay and sometimes Homer to Larsen Bay for AK residents)
  •, 907-486-5155, (Kodiak to Larsen Bay Charters)
  •, 907-512-2030, (Kodiak to Larsen Bay Charters)

**Applying for and obtaining an Alaska Airlines Visa Signature credit card makes you eligible for 50,000 Alaska Airlines miles, enough for a round trip ticket to Anchorage from anywhere in the U.S. In addition to the miles, an annual “companion fare” is included which enables you to take a friend with you for only $99.00 round trip.